Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elder Street Gallery Photos

I finally got some of the photos resized that my daughter sent me of the show at the Elder Street Gallery in Houston TX. She was there early in the day so the crowds happened later. You can get a good idea how the show was hung and I was happy to see that the method of hanging was very secure.

The gallery and artists' lofts are in a beautiful historic building.

My works on exhibit.

In this photo, notice the tiny miniature to the right of the man. It has a red dot indicating a sale and it is one of Mona Diane Conner's beautiful eye miniatures done in egg tempera. Congratulations Mona! *

My work has been returned promptly from the Elder Street Gallery show in Houston. I was happy to participate and glad that my daughter, Gina got to see a miniature art show in person. Thanks for putting this show on Terrence!

* Mona Diane Conner does beautiful work in egg tempera and has a mini demo on her blog. I have the book she recommends by Robert Vickery, New Techniques in Egg Tempera. It was a very nice surprise from my husband (I had it in one of my wish lists). He found it used at a very reasonable price and in wonderful condition. Now I need to find the time, but it's going to happen some day. Also, my friend Janie Olsen is going to a one day workshop on egg tempera given by Koo Schadler in December. She is also interested in learning more about this beautiful way of working. I can't wait to hear about it Janie! When she does her first work, I'll be sure to link to it!


Mona said...

Barbara, thanks so much for mentioning my work and demo on your blog, and for posting these great photos of the Elder Street Gallery and show too, I'm glad to see them.

I hope that sales are going well for you in general, and am wishing you all the best with the upcoming miniature shows. You certainly have some beautiful work entered!

storybookstudio said...

Hi Barbara--looked like a fun show and glad the pieces came back quickly! You will be the 1st to hear about the Koo Schadler workshop--I am excited! What are you working now? :) Janie

AutumnLeaves said...

Such a great show, Barbara. So cool that your daughter was able to go as well. She is a cutie!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Mona and you're welcome. Alas, sales have come to a standstill. I hope they pick up again!

Hi Janie. I'm in the last stages of a miniature landscape. I'll be posting some work in progress photos tomorrow on it.

Thanks Autumn. She is a cutie and I was really happy she took photos for me as well as getting to enjoy the show.