Saturday, October 24, 2009

Next Phase: "Work in Progress", Acrylic on Gesobord

The work continues.
* Note, some of the images are under the magnifier for a closer view.


I've given the overcast sky the solid, flat look I was after without it being too stark white or too dark. I'm still adding values and defining shapes, overall.

More tree branches which help break up the sky and texture on the trunk of the tree, are seen here.

Oh no! The color was too dark and started to loose the texture I wanted. I ended up wiping off the paint and letting it completely dry. (see the white spot on the rock)


You can see here where I was able to repaint the color and start to give it form again. It was another of those flat places where I wanted to blend the surface edges but instead, overworked the area. I hate when I do that! But it has been saved and I am moving on.


Next you can see where I've started to lay color on the rock in the foreground. When I paint, I work from the larger area, then gradually add more values and outlines of shapes of objects. I work all over the surface at the same time and try not to add too much detail in the beginning, just enough to see where I am in that space. I've found if you get too caught up in the detail too soon, you often end up changing it anyway.


Above is a closer view of the detail on the surface where I had to redo the basic color. Also, you can see the great textures of the tufoni rock formations.


I'm happy with the trouble spot that I reworked. I can see the work is going in the right direction now and it's time to start sharpening up areas and loosing some edges. Then I get to do the fun stuff. Next, the fine details!


Mona said...

this is coming along nicely Barbara. One question, when you said you wiped off the paint in the part that was too dark, is it tricky removing acrylic paint or was it still wet enough?

AutumnLeaves said...

So beautiful, Barbara! I am wondering at what makes those foreground rocks so porous! I love the detail you put in your pieces, much like a photograph and what I love to see in a piece!

storybookstudio said...


Tracy Hall said...

Lovely to see your progress and thoughts Barbara. Its looking terrific so far, what amazing rocks.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks for looking, Mona, Autumn, Janie and Tracy.

Mona, I find the paint lifts off if I wet it enough, especially if it isn't completely dry to begin with. But even if it is dry it's possible. I will use a brush and dip it in some water, wet the spot and blot it up with a cloth, (paper towels leave bits of fiber) and repeat. I let the area dry completely before I attempt to repaint it. But the down side is, the paint can lift off when you don't want it to! That's what I find I run into when I'm laying in a large flat area and trying to blend the colors. I have to let it dry and not keep overworking the area.

I love rocks and trees because of the great textures. I loved the rocks when I first saw them at Larrabee State Park and knew I wanted to use them in my work. Then I googled them to see what they were! The tafoni website is amazing, (under #10 photo the word tafoni is a link to the website). This area is so new to us and we don't get around as much as we would like to. (work, weather, life) But we do want to get back up there. We love the area north of here, beautiful country!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Beautiful work!! I am so pleased to have found you. Thanks for stopping by my blog, adding me to your reading I can now follow YOUR gorgeous miniatures!!

Mona said...

Barbara, thanks for describing the paint removal, and also for pointing out the tafoni link. Took a look, and it is fascinating.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks for stopping by Melody. I love your work, it always puts a smile on my face!

You're welcome Mona.

DEB said...

Barbara, your works are always so beautiful and complex. Seeing your WIP is such a treat!