Monday, March 25, 2013

New Work - "Special Delivery"

  Special Delivery  © Barbara A. Freeman
 Graphite and Mixed Media on Film 9 3/4" x 7 5/8"

This is the VERY beginning of the new piece, whereas I have the reference photos and a vague idea of how I want to use them.  The setting was inspired by the wonderful tree (aren't they all wonderful?) that's near the trailhead at one of our favorite hiking spots.  I'll be presenting this as a work in progress to show the progression of it. 

The drawing was done on the frosted film, Dura-lar Matte, using a range of graphite pencils with a bit of colored pencil work on the back side of the film.

Some of the forest background completed, you can see the detail in the magnifier below.  I use magnification to mostly only check the work at this point, but do use it for adding the fine details near the end.

Below you can also see where I've placed the beginnings of a tiny door.  It seemed a perfect spot with the dark arm above to shelter it.

I've moved further down the tree drawing the bark, mostly from my imagination.  I use the photo reference which I have up on my computer screen, for placement of form, light and shadow.  Sorry about the yellow glow to this one.  I tend to photograph these before I end an evening which can be rather late when my brain has ceased to function! 

I've placed the crow, and two more openings in the tree. Crows are amazing birds and fun to watch.  I can imagine them being messengers for the forest spirits and have used them in my work many times.

There is much more progress here with details of the rocks and twisting roots.   I've also added the scroll for the message delivered by the crow.


Now the crow has form and feathers!  I've created the very dark areas of the crow by working on the underside of the film.  As you can see, more work has been done on the bottom of the tree and rock.

More progress on the right side forming the plants and ferns.  I also added folds to the scroll and more detail to the crow.

Almost finished, this time adding subtle color on the underside, to the passageway in the opening of the tree, the upper door and the window. I'm not sure it shows up well in the photos.

At last, finishing up with the runes on the scroll and all the last minute details.  I had fun with this, looking up the rune alphabet and making the letter shapes curve with the folds of the scroll.  I really enjoyed watching this one come alive with each session.  These pieces become a meditation for me.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing the progression of Special Delivery! As usual, I'll announce here when this work is in a show.  

I know it has been a long time since my last blog post.  Rest assured, I haven't fallen off the edges of the earth, even though it often feels as though I have.  Taking care of family responsibilities has to take priority.   Wayne and I still have a lot more work to do regarding family, so new artwork will be slower in coming.  I will have work in three miniature art shows coming up.  One show is invitational and a new venue for me, which is exciting.  I will be blogging about them soon with links.  I also have two new miniatures and hope to share them soon!

Until next time, thank you for taking the time to read about my work.  Enjoy this crazy spring!