Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Work, "A Flash of Blue" - Miniature

A Flash of Blue © Barbara A. Freeman
Graphite and Mixed Media on Film 2 3/4" x 3 3/4"

At last, a new miniature work finished! The work is done in graphite on Dura-lar Matte film. I used acrylic paint and interference colors for the dragonfly and mushrooms. I also added some color on the back of the film with colored pencils giving the end of the path, a subtle, soft, warm glow. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up very well in the photo. There is a LOT of detail packed in this tiny forest!

This is the first time I've used a dragonfly in any of my images. I wanted something to suggest a bit of magic and the dragonfly and also mushrooms seemed likely images. I thought they would fit well in this landscape. I didn't know until I started my research that the Common Green Darner dragonfly is actually the Washington state insect! The dragonfly I have used here is the Blue Eyed Darner. I liked this particular dragonfly not only because of its wonderful color, but I have seen lots of these beauties once when we were on one of our walks. There was an abundance of beautiful blues zipping by and checking us out. The blue colors would vary as they darted in and out of the sunlight. It was a beautiful sight and I don't think I'd ever seen that many dragonflies at once.

The forest is inspired by Lord Hill Park. There are a lot of water spots and ponds in this park, so lots of dragonflies as well. My first walk in this park was in late February, it was very wet and cold, so we didn't walk very far. The next trip was in the spring and it was a magical experience. I must confess that I usually have magical-like experiences when I get away from the noise of people and all their stuff! When I get my work finished and submitted, I'll be heading to one of these wonderful places to experience that magic again. In the meantime, I love creating these tiny miniature escapes! I hope you enjoy looking at them.

I still need to cut mats and frame the work. They each need to be scanned and put up on my website. Those images will be a much higher quality than the photo shots I show here. When they are all up on my site, they will be complete with title, size and framed. I'll post which work I'll be submitting to each show. When they get accepted, I'll post again with more information on them. I hope if you are near any of the shows that you'll go take a look to see my miniature escapes in person. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and read this.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm Still Here!

I know I've been absent now for awhile, but I'm still here. I'm trying to get one more miniature finished and am almost there! The new work is on Dura-lar Matte in graphite with some acrylic touches. I'm always anxious as to the outcome at this point because the drawing is all finished and now I'm adding the fun touches that bring out the magic. It's at this point where it will either be just as I'd visualized, or I could make it a total mess! The drawing is of a forest and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The magic is in the tiny bits I'm doing right now. I hope to have it ready to show in the next day or so. I will show it regardless of the outcome. I think it's important to show the blunders along with the successes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the success on this one! Now back to work!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Miniature Silverpoint, "Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed"

Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed © Barbara A. Freeman, 2 7/8" x 3 7/8"
Silverpoint on Prepared Art board

After I finished my last miniature in silverpoint with the tree and rabbit, I decided to do the rabbit again, only as a single subject. The challenge was how to do a white rabbit in silverpoint. In the previous work, the rabbit was surrounded by the grasses and tree, so they helped form his white body. In this one I drew the outline along the top areas and the grasses helped define the bottom area of him. The ears were fun to do and I loved doing his eye. I added some acrylic color to the eye and used that same color in the mushroom ring around him. There is a hint of color on the nose and in the ears. I don't think this is the last rabbit I'll do. I have some more ideas for him. I would like to get some photos of the other side of his face where he has some larger spots.

My posts may be a bit spotty as the April deadlines approach. I have four shows I'm am preparing for, but once the work is packed up and shipped or delivered, I'll have more time. I'll be deciding which work to send to which show and will post all that information shortly after it's decided. I'll also have more time to visit all my blogger friends and see the fabulous work you are all doing! As always, thank you for taking the time to read this and look at my work.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Silverpoint Drawing in Miniature, "The Way Home"

The Way Home © Barbara A. Freeman
Silverpoint, 3 5/8" x 3 5/8"

Finally I have a new work to share! It's done in silverpoint (with a bit of watercolor added for interest), on Strathmore 500 illustration board. A great surface, very forgiving, thick and sturdy. I used Golden Silverpoint Ground to prepare the board, and once dry, it's ready to accept the fine silver stylus, (mine was purchased from the website).

If the trees look familiar, it's because I've used the same reference photo that I've used in other work. Each time I do them, the trees become slightly different. It's really the placement and the way the light hits the trees and surrounding landscape that I need from the photo. I may make the trees with different textures, or placement of limbs, etc when creating a new piece. In this one, I've given the tree an opening for the rabbit to escape to. I added color to the opening in the tree which not only draws your eye in, but also gives contrast to the rabbit's white face and the color is repeated in the eye. The rabbit is from photos that I took of the one that my husband sees when he goes for a run. Wayne has named him Spot. When he comes back from a run he tells me that Spot says hi if he sees him. We think Spot was someone's pet at one time as he allows you to get rather close before bolting. I was able to take photos easily enough moving very slowly.

Below is the frame I'm going to use. I am thinking I'll not mat the work, but use spacers to separate the work from the glass. Thanks again for taking the time to read about my work! Now on to the next one!

The Way Home © Barbara A. Freeman,
Silverpoint, 3 5/8" x 3 5/8"