Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frustration and Perseverence!

Wow, what a week!!! I finally got my work shipped to the Miniature Art Society of Florida, (MASF) for their 35th Annual International Miniature Art Show. It was a really close call as the deadline is this Friday, tomorrow, October 9th! I thought I had the right sized mats cut for the two new works I just finished, (varnish still drying) but they didn't work out. So, I had to cut two new ones, and that is the worst for me!!! I don't know how it always looks so easy when you watch a demo, but I end up cutting so many before I finally get one that is without flaws! I got so frustrated, I thought about giving up and not doing this show. Seriously! It's not only one of THE two most important miniature art shows of the year in the USA, but it's the largest miniature art show of the year and I am a society member! MPSGS in DC, the oldest miniature art society in the USA, is the other most important show, (work shipped on time). I made myself take a deep breath, persevered and was able to get everything together and made a mad dash to the post office and shipped five works priority mail, 2 to 3 days on Tuesday! I love usps online shipping and printing! Thanks to Wayne for all his help!

I'll be posting the two new works as soon as the images are sized and my copyright put on them. The one that I recently posted as a work in progress is the new Italian landscape I submitted. The other new one I submitted is done on film with graphite and acrylic. It's an image of trees and a crow with a key! It was inspired from the larger graphite on film, Finding Time. I love how one work can send your mind into other possibilities for future works. Never did I think I would be watching crows as a subject in my work, but now I see crows everywhere, (course they are everywhere!). I'm hoping to post these images soon. I told that to my "webmaster" and he just smiled at me, so we'll see. SOON!


pinkchicken said...

I can't wait to see your new works, especially the crow with a key.

I'm always happy when I get to see crows here because we really don't have too many. Our abundant blackbirds are the slender grackles and sometimes we get red wing blackbirds too (which I also enjoy seeing).

When we were driving to Houston, I saw some crows circling and soaring above the grassy fields. It's really a pretty sight and they're so graceful in flight. It reminded me of a mosaic by Kate Rattray Isn't it just wonderful? Her tiles fit so perfectly tight!

storybookstudio said...

hi Barbara glad you got everything accomplished! I will be anxious to see all of your new pieces especially the crow & key (one of my latest minis had a key in it!) I hope you do something with the cows they are wonderful :)

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Gina and Janie. I now watch for the crows flying east calling out to each other. It's an interesting site to see. The sky here has a lot of neat cloud formations and colors, even when it's stormy. Then against that you see the black crows flying in scattered groups.

I hope you won't be disappointed in the one with the crow. The key in it is really tiny. I saw your new one Janie, and I love it! Your key is so much better too! It's my favorite of your new minis! Not sure if I'm ready to paint the cows though, but they sure are cute!

AutumnLeaves said...

Barbara, I just love your work and I just cottoned on to your studio name too. Love it! I bought a mat cutter not too long ago and haven't used it yet! LOL I did find, however, that if I buy the cheap mats at Walmart (if they have the right size) I can watercolor over those white/cream colored ones to get the perfect color that I want to offset the piece! LOL I really do want to learn to cut the mats though. get a mat board and practice! Good luck with the show!

James F. Smith said...

I'm a follower!!!! Thanks for the comment into my blog.

I went into your web and I saw one of your latest pieces(I think they are one of your news) I love the "Gold Along the South Fork" Your use of values and color was great!! Keep up the great work.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thank you Autumn and Jim.

Autumn, when I was setting up my website, my husband asked me if I had decided on a name and I always knew I wanted it to be B Free something. I always signed my work B Free with the "man" shortened as a squiggly line. Let me know how it goes with your mat cutter. Good Luck!

Hi Jim, thanks for being my friend!!! : )

Thank you for your kind comments on "Gold Along the South Fork". It is one of my new ones and has been submitted to the show in DC. I hope they like it too!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

I can completely relate to the matt board cutting episode - I had such a sense of de ja vu when reading your blog. Most in our society get matt boards professionally cut, but I prefer to try to do my own and then wonder why I bother!!! Good for you for persevering and all the best in the exhibition.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Karen. I wonder why I bother too! I thought it was just me!!!