Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a Small World, Elder Street Gallery

Yesterday I shipped my work to Houston, TX, for the Elder Street Gallery's 1st Annual International Miniature Art Show called, It's a Small World. Terrence Boggs, the gallery owner and curator of this exhibit, will be using the gallery's website to promote and sell the miniature artwork in the show, online as well as in the gallery. Their website is at this point a work in progress, but please keep checking back as he keeps adding more artists' miniatures. I'm especially excited to be exhibiting in this show because my daughter who lives in Austin will be driving down with her partner to see it. It will be her first in person miniature art exhibit! My five works on exhibit are shown below left to right, Around the Bend, Chuckanut at Lunch, the new graphite with colored pencil work, The Sentinel, bottom left to right, In Fair Condition, and Innocence.

The "call to artists" for this miniature show was handled differently. All the artwork was chosen by digital submissions, then after notification of acceptance, shipped. This is not the norm for a miniature art show. All the miniature shows I've been in, the submissions are chosen from the actual artwork. If not all the work is chosen to be in the show, the remaining is held until the closing when the unsold work and the unaccepted work are returned together. If none is accepted, they are usually all returned after judging. Mr. Boggs, at Elder Street Gallery, has chosen the artwork by digital submission to avoid having to store unaccepted artwork until the show's closing. Therefore, there will be no cost to the artist for admission fees, nor for the shipping of the work if it is NOT chosen to be in the show. He also requested the jpgs of the submitted work be 300dpi to use for promotional purposes. All work is under 25 square inches and uses the 1/6th rule. You can find more about miniature art and it's definitions at the Association of Miniature Artists website.
The show, It's a Small World, Elder Street Gallery, 1101 Elder Street, Houston, TX 77007, runs from September 19th through October 3rd. For more information contact: Terrence Boggs at, or call (281) 250-4889. If you live in the area and have never seen a miniature show, don't miss it! Seeing the work in person is quite an experience. Here is an online press release:

Please keep checking back for information on the opening reception. When that information becomes available, I'll be sure to post it here!


Mona said...

Barbara, congrats on some great entries! My favorite is "Chuckanut at Lunch"!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

No surprises all these were accepted, Barbara - all the best with the exhibition - hope you get large crowds attending and make a few sales along the way!!!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Mona and Karen. Yes, I'm hoping this first time miniature show for Elder Street and all the artists in the show is a great success with lots of sales!

Chuckanut is a constant visitor and comes to our back door to see if we have any food. She has us trained well!