Friday, June 26, 2009

Three Awards for LiveARTS Bothell! Oh My!

Well, I've had an exciting day! I got a call from Lynn Asmann at Kaewyn Gallery who is the contact person for the Live ARTS Bothell Juried Show. She called to tell me I won several awards!!! Seen Better Days was awarded 3rd Place in Drawing, The Dwelling Place was awarded an Honorable Mention in Drawing and Mr. Bigshot was awarded 3rd Place in Miniature!

My husband and I will be at the Live Arts Bothell Preview Party tonight to celebrate!


DEB said...

Congratulations!! As a friend of Mona's and an established miniature artist, yours is one blog I HAVE to follow. Hope you don't mind!!

And I think Mona told me you are local to me. I live in Ashburn, VA.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Deb! I posted a message on your blog, but I guess it got lost. I was so impressed with your first egg tempra that Mona posted. And then I went to your blog and saw the one you did of Mother Teressa on ivorine! Wow! Beautiful work!

Nope, wrong Washington, I live in WA state.