Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Miniature

Well, I've finally finished something and it's scanned! This is the same landscape that I started in silverpoint awhile back and wasn't happy with, (only due to the ground color). In this one, I've changed the composition and added some fantasy interest. It's done in graphite on dura-lar matte film with some colored pencil added on the back. I would still like to do the first image over in silverpoint, on a different toned ground of course.

The Sentinel
, Graphite and Colored Pencil on Acid-free Film, 3 5/8" x 2 5/8"


pinkchicken said...

Oh, this is so pretty! I love your trees and all the detail you put into them. I also really enjoy imagining who lives there. :)

DEB said...

Beautiful, and intriguing!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Gina and Deb. I don't know who lives there, but I hope you would like to visit. : )

Mona said...

This is lovely Barbara. You surely have patience for trying such a complex scene twice. I have new respect as well for anything done on film now that I have started to try it myself!

Do you happen to know if dura-lar film is anything like mylar?

Congrats too on those recent awards! What a great year you are having!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Mona. I would like to do the silverpoint version over again on a different toned ground, so that would make it three times! Hopefully each time I view it, I'll see something different. But I think I'll wait awhile on that. Enough!

Here's part of what Dick Blick says about Dura-lar: Dura-Lar is the acetate alternative. It combines the best features of Mylar® and acetate...


I love using it. It's great with graphite. The pencil glides on the surface. Colored pencil is a bit tricky as it doesn't take many layers and in correcting an area, it can become overworked and not take any more pigment. But with patience, I think the end result is worth.