Monday, June 15, 2009

3rd Place in Miniatures Award at Edmonds Arts Festival Juried Art Show!

My artist friend Janie Olsen went to the reception yesterday at the Edmonds Juried Art Show . I received an email from her that evening telling me I received 3rd Place on my miniature work, Nap Buddies! That is such great news, thanks for letting me know Janie! I would have loved to have been at the reception, but because I did not RSVP on time, I was told it was full and I could be placed on a wait list. That was so disappointing. I would have loved to have been there to accept my award. This has always been a good show for me. I hope sales are good this year, too. The festival takes place this weekend, kicking off with a patron preview party on Thursday, June 18th. I will be going on Sunday to see the exhibit. Be sure to bring Dad and enjoy the show!


Tracy Hall: said...

congratulations Barbara! I've never heard of that show - do they have a website where we can see the entries?

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Tracy. It's a short local festival and they will post the award winners later on their website. They still have 2008 up now. I'll post a link when they have the 2009 winners up.

Mona said...

congrats Barbara!