Thursday, June 11, 2009

Siverpoint WIP

I've finished, or so I think, my miniature silverpoint piece. It's approximately 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". Here are some of the things I'm concerned about. The paper is toned blue which ended up being a darker blue than I intended. Should I add some color or rather change the color in the sky area by using some grayed white watercolor? I also had a problem area where I attempted to erase and rework. That spot turned cloudy and didn't match the other darks around it. (So much to learn.) I cropped that with the mat and I think the composition works. The island on the right is straight in the actual work. The patina is already starting and I can see where I had worked on it several weeks ago and then stopped. You can see it when you click on it to enlarge on the left rocks and top of the trees. It's turning a warm sepia color and I know it's still changing. That's the beauty of silverpoint!

Here is the uncropped image. Notice the darker blue of the surface. This is why I'm wondering if I should do some grayed white for the sky only. Notice the glare on the left. It's really hard to photo silverpoint. On the bottom right of the work is where I overworked the dark. I used some china white watercolor on the bottom of the work to see what it would do. I'm still not sure I trust messing with it anymore. I'm not going to do anymore drawing on it. Any suggestions would be most welcome at this point. Should I leave the sky alone? I think it would be so risky right about now, but if it doesn't work as it is, then it does need to be changed.

Here it is temporarily popped in a mat and frame to show the difference in color. Does this distract from the work? Is it a problem?


Mona said...

Barbara, it's a beautiful work even left as is.

I may not be seeing the background color accurately, so I hesitate to offer advice on the white idea. My only suggestion if you do decide to add white, perhaps just lightly along sky's horizon and fade it to it's blue? Perhaps a few more highlight white touches in the rocks and roots to integrate it and keep the eye travelling over the intricate parts.

A very inspirational piece!

Mona said...

p.s. Barbara, thanks for the link "Silverpoint Information and Supplies". So much to learn, so little time, and this really helps!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks so much Mona. That's what I have in mind if I can make it work. I think I'll let it sit for a day. I tried colored pencil and it just didn't show up. A pastel pencil may not stay put on the surface and I wouldn't want to fix it, the silver needs to breathe. I am making sure the next paper is toned with just a bit of color!

That's the best silverpoint info site I've found. I'm hoping to get enough work done someday so I can link with it. The two pens I ordered from them came quickly.

Tracy Hall: said...

I'm not sure I'm much help barbara, its a beautiful peice
but I wonder if the ivory/cream coloured mount works best with the silverpoint? Perhaps if you experiment with some different colours (nothing drastic!) it might enhance it better?

Carol Andre' said...

Barbara, it is really tough to see the colors on the computer. I hesitate to tell you anything. It is a lovely piece- I think I would leave it alone. I do agree tho just from having seen mine that a cream mat might not be the best with the silver. I used a dark blue (navy or darker) with a black frame and that looked fairly nice. One did sell- so it must have been acceptable! Experiment with colors and see what you think. A silver frame might look great too- not sure. It might be too much too.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Tracy and Carol. I've worked on it a bit more, tried to change some of the blue and added some color to the rocks, here and there. I also tried it in some different frames that I have on hand. I've never used a colored mat, but that would be worth a shot, too. Something cooler so it's not fighting with the ground color. I will not use this much color in a ground again! Funny it didn't look so dark when I made it.