Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Show Submissions

I've just submitted several of my miniatures for consideration for a show in Houston. It's at the Elder Street Gallery. This is their first miniature show, It's a Small World. Today is the deadline.... nothing like waiting till the last minute! However, I've been so tied up with local shows and trying to finish up a piece I wanted to enter.... then I had an allergy attack and was down for a day!

This show is handling things a bit differently as they are accepting submissions only by email or CD. The prospectus is a bit confusing as to the size of the files so my husband was patiently resizing my images and getting them ready for a zip file. All miniature shows I've ever entered are by actual work only. If your work is not accepted, it is held until the end of the show when all the unsold work is shipped back to you. In this show, there are no fees until the gallery decides which 3 out of the 5 they want in their show, then you send in the minis and the fees and paperwork. There is no mention of awards or juror. I am under the impression that the owners are choosing what they want in their show. I will know what, if any they want of my work by the middle of July. The show is Sept. 19th thorough Oct. 4th. Contact, if you are interested in submitting in case they are extending the deadline is elderstreetgallery@gmail.com.

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