Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Beat Includes Mention of Work, "The Key"

I've just received my unsold work back today from Seaside Art Gallery's 19th International Miniature Art Show, in Nags Head, North Carolina. They always include the art review, "Art Beat" by Mary Ellen Riddle from their local paper, The Virginian-Pilot, inside the box. I was delighted to read that my work, The Key, was mentioned in this review. Here is what Ms Riddle said about that work:
"Of note is the magical graphite and mixed media work by Barbara A. Freeman. Her image, "The Key", features a raven in the woodland standing in a ring of golden toadstools. In its beak, the raven grasps a red ribbon upon which is tied a key. Behind the clearing where the raven takes center stage stands a regal tree with intricate patterns. The majority of the work is black and white with only minute bits of metallic color adding contrast to the monochromatic palette. These gem-like dots work well with the pearly sheen of the film on which the work is drawn. But don't overlook the faint purple shadow under the raven - subtle but powerful."
Wow, that really made me happy that she got that! I'm also happy to report that that particular work has sold.

Fine Art Miniature, The Key, © Barbara A. Freeman
Graphite and Acrylic on Film, 2 3/8" x 3"

As for now, I'm, back to working on the graphite on film of the forest and dragonfly, not a miniature, but a small work. I'll be sharing my progress on that work tomorrow. I also have some framing to complete for the festival this weekend at Live ARTS Bothell. As you can tell, it's been a very busy month! As always, thank you for taking the time to read this.


Jane said...

Great review--she got just right :)--have framing-Just finished mine :)

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Janie, That was so cool, it made me happy!

Yes, framing is all done and ready to go. I think I'm going to drop my two off during the evening time slot and maybe check out the view of the wetlands.

AutumnLeaves said...

Well deserved praise indeed, Barbara! Good luck with the preparations for this next show, too. Can't wait to see what you have working now!