Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work Juried In - Live ARTS Bothell - June 26th and 27th

The Live ARTS Bothell Juried Art Exhibit is coming up the end of this month and I'm happy to announce that I have four miniatures and two larger works accepted in this show. This year's venue has changed due to renovations being done to Bothell Landing where the show usually takes place. Instead it will be held at the new Mobius Hall Gallery on the campus of Cascadia Community College and U.W. Bothell. This wonderful art fair takes place June 26 and 27th, 10am to 6pm. There will be a Patron Preview Party on Friday June 25th, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Please call for reservations at 425-488-2787 by June 11th. The college is located one mile east of downtown Bothell (directions and map here). The Live ARTS Bothell Art Fair is always great fun, with musical entertainment, great food and ART! There is free garage parking and the festival event will be in the inner courtyard of the wooded campus overlooking its 58-acre North Creek wetland.

Of my four in the Miniature Art Category, two are new acrylic paintings, Always Illuminated, and from my Italian Landscape Series, Over and Beyond. The other miniatures, The Silent Ones, a silverpoint, and In Fair Condition, colored pencil, are two favorites. My two larger works in the Drawing Category, one in graphite, It's Not All Black and White, and the other a work in metalpoint, Sculpted by Time are also both new works that have not been exhibited before! This is a great community event and always lots of fun. I hope you can make it. Be sure to look for my work in the new Mobius Hall Gallery. The sun is going to shine that weekend!

It's Not All Black and White, ©Barbara A. Freeman
Graphite and Mixed Media on Acid-free Film, 7" x 7"

Sculpted by Time ©Barbara A. Freeman
Metalpoint on Prepared Paper 8 1/2 " x 8 "


AutumnLeaves said...

Congrats, Barbara. If you ever have a free minute, I'd love to hear about how these art shows work, specifically the word "juried." I was given an explanation by a lady who is involved with the Rockton Art Show here in IL via phone but it doesn't quite jibe with what I perceive when I read various blogs. She said that being juried in means that the review board tries to keep only so many of the same types of artists so that visitors have a variety of different pieces and mediums from which to choose. She said that the goal is sales and so I got the impression that the artist would have many pieces up for sale in a tent or something. With your works, I see more gallery types of presentations and as you mentioned, 4 pieces in this show. I keep wanting to brave up and start getting rejections (well, I'm nothing if not honest), but I'm not interested in the sales as I expect little to no interest. She said it sounded to her like I was thinking more of an exhibition (now if that doesn't strike fear into one, I don't know what would! LOLOL)...

Anyway, my point is that I am trying to understand how it works. I think I am angling towards needing to know that someone besides my mother and my husband like my work. More to see if it is something I should throw in the towel on or keep plugging along.

Love all four of your pieces for this show. I've always liked your illuminated manuscripts but each of the others are exquisite in their own right.

Tatiana Myers said...

Congratulation, Barbara! I LOVE you banny rabbits!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Sherry. I'll try to answer you, and hopefully I am clear! Below are two links to help you understand a bit about the process. Also, always remember if you get a rejection, it is only that person's opinion. You may submit it to another show and it will get in! If you are starting out, choose a local show that you are familiar with. Local fairs sometimes have art competitions that are more varied and a lot of fun. The summer festivals here are all different. Some are easier to get in than others. I've had work rejected in Edmonds sometimes, and then other times I get in. I had two friends who do excellent work and get in other shows, get rejected this year. You just never know. Make yourself familiar with the shows you are thinking about entering your work in. They usually tell you who the juror is. You can read about them and see the kind of work they do. The person you talked to could have been talking about being juried in to the gallery as part of that gallery. They are there to make sales, that's how they keep the gallery going. When I talk about a juried show here, it's usually a competition. (I only do indoor shows. The tent and artists' booth are a completely different thing.) You pay a fee to enter and then it gets juried in or out. Then it will be juried for awards if there are any. That is what I am doing with most of my shows that I state are juried. Sometimes they do go in a certain direction based on the way a juror may want a show to look. Sales are usually part of the show. That's how artists make their living. However, sometimes you don't want to sell it and can still enter it with a Not For Sale. It depends on the rules of the competition if you can have that. Anyway, don't give up if you get rejected, NEVER take it personally. I know it's always easier said than done, but after a while, it's a bit easier. Good luck and keep me posted!

Thanks Tatiana! I like the bunnies too. :)

AutumnLeaves said...

Thanks, Barbara! That does help so much. I'm going to copy and paste your response so I have it for reference and I can't wait to read the links!

Mona said...

Barbara, it is so lovely to see your shining face in person through your recent picture, and good luck with all that you are doing too.

Congrats on the great review of your miniatures in the recent newspaper article I received from Seaside Art Gallery, and on your great work for Bothell.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Mona, I figured I'd better show myself.

I haven't gotten my returns from Seaside yet. I didn't know about the review.

Jane said...

Hi Barbara---really looking forward to all the upcoming shows :) Janie

Dors said...

Congratulations Barbara.
Lovely to see you, great photo.
Love the bunnies. two great works.
always love to see your metalpoint and graphite work.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Dors.