Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Preview of Parklane Gallery's A Major Show of Miniature Proportions

Here are some preview photos of the Parklane Gallery's 18th Annual International Miniature Art Show, in Kirkland, WA. The show opened May 4th and it's great to see all the red dots already!

Parklane Gallery is located in beautiful downtown Kirkland,WA, 130 Park Lane. Free parking is located under the Kirkland Library. The show opens May 4th and will continue through June 8th. The Artists' Reception will be on Saturday, May 8th, 6 - 8 pm. Magnifying glass are provided and closer looks are encouraged!

The award winning husband and wife team, Rachelle and Wes Siegrist were the awards judges, which will be given at the Artists' Reception on Saturday evening. The Siegrists will be at the reception via Skype.

Be sure to check out Parklane Gallery's website at to view the work online. My work can be seen starting on Panel # 49. My friend Janie Olsen is on Panel 42 and 43. I'll see you there Janie!

For more information on this show and my work in it, please see my last post below. More photos and news after the reception. Hope you too, can make it to the reception! I'd love to meet you!


Mona said...

It's so nice to see these great pics of the show Barbara! Thanks so much. The show looks beautiful, and wish I could be there in person to meet you, Janie and others and see your work firsthand. Have fun on Sat.!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Oh, you are welcome, Mona. These photos are from Larey McDaniel at Parklane who kindly sent them last night for posting. I'll be posting more photos of Saturday's reception as soon as I can. I did notice that your bone basket miniature is in a case on a pedestal. I'm so happy that they found a secure way to present it.

Jane said...

Hi Barbara Thanks for putting up the pictures!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh my! This looks like a display that would keep me enrapt for quite some time! Good luck, Barb!

DEB said...

The thing I love about photos of the shows - When you see all these pieces hanging next to each other, it's overwhelming to me how many super talented artists there are! It's so exciting to belong to this community of folks!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

You're welcome, Jane.

Thanks Sherry, it will keep all of us enrapt! So much to see!

It is exciting and so fun to be in and to see eveybody's work, all together. There are so many different ways of working.

Clovie Boy said...

Barbara, I really appreciate seeing these photos. Your blog is great - a wealth of information!
Thank you!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thank you Sue. I'll be looking for your work on Sat at the reception. Are you going to be there? Best of luck in the show!