Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming Soon, & 4 Show Deadlines in April!

This weekend I'll be doing the isolation coat and varnish on my three new works. Then after they are dry enough, I'll have them scanned. I have completed the third work, Always, my illuminated word and will be able to show it then. If you have been following me, you may remember this one because it started out as an egg tempera painting. I had some problems with the egg tempera but liked the design, so I redid it in acrylic. I liked the way it came out, but decided I wanted to take it further. I created a tiny landscape painted on the same kind of surface, using the same colors, including gold, with the autumn theme. I'm going to "float" the work, Always on top of the piece with the landscape. In other words, the word Always is raised slightly in the space that is the sky with the landscape below. That is why it can't be shown, it needs to be varnished before I can connect the two pieces. Words! It would be so much easier to just show it! Hopefully I made all that clear. If not, stayed tuned, Always Illuminated, Coming Soon!

In the meantime, I am starting to panic! I have four deadlines for miniature art works! I'll need at least 16 or more quality fine art miniatures total for all of them! The show in Florida will end this weekend and I'll be waiting to see how many are returned from that show. Those remaining works will all be available to show in these upcoming shows, but I will still have to have new work to add to them. The shows are listed below, if you are a local artist or you live elsewhere and don't mind shipping your work. Or perhaps you are a collector of fine art miniatures and want to see the work in person, please check out the shows. Seaside and Parklane are miniature art shows only and are exhibited for a longer time period. Bothell and Edmonds are several day festivals with both miniature art and larger work. Good luck to all of you entering these fun and exciting shows! Now, it's back to my studio to get busy!

April 16th: Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, WA
April 20th: Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC.
April 23rd: Live Arts Bothell, Bothell, WA The site is in the process of correcting information. Deadline is April 23rd!
April 27th: Parklane Gallery, Kirkland, WA


AutumnLeaves said...

Good golly but you have a lot going on! Best of luck with all of the upcoming shows and with getting the necessary paintings completed by each deadline. Are you aware of any miniature shows in Illinois? I'd love to see them up close and personal!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Sherry. Unfortunately, I don't know of any miniature shows or shows with a miniature category in IL. I think there is one in IN, but I've never entered it. It's a small show and I'm not sure about their definition of miniature. It's probably too far from you to make it an easy trip. If I ever hear of any, I'll be sure to let you know. If you hear of any, please let me know.

Carol Andre' said...

I know what you mean- I'm in worse shape than you!!! I need more time and less vertigo, flu, and whatever!!! Good luck on getting your works done- hope you have more to do- that will mean you had good sales in FL! :-)
And congrats to your daughter too. Very exciting news.