Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Gallery At Fells Point, MD, 26th Annual Miniature Art Show

This weekend I shipped my three submissions to The Art Gallery at Fells Point, in Maryland, for their 26th Annual North American Miniature Art Exhibit. Hopefully, they will arrive by the 9th, the deadline is the 10th. The gallery is an artists' cooperative, located in the heart of historic Baltimore. It looks like a beautiful location. Below are my three miniature submissions, Some Memories Never Fade, "Rhodie" With Bee, and a new painting, All Washed Up.

Some Memories Never Fade Colored Pencil on Film 2 5/8" x 1 1/2"

All Washed UP Acrylic on Multi-media Art Board 2 9/16" x 3 9/16"

"Rhodie" With Bee Colored Pencil and Iridescent Acrylics on Film
2 3/4" x 3 3/4"

My entry, "Rhodie" With Bee, could possibly be rejected because it does not fit the *1/6th scale rule of a miniature, (see AMA Guidelines below). It would be difficult to paint this image 1/6th of it's actual size and have the same impact that I was going for. I wanted to make it an intimate view of the bee with it's iridescent wings inside the flower. What attracted me in the first place was the way the light hit the flower and then the bee deciding at that moment to fly in, was a gifted moment. ** However, some miniature shows do allow the work in the show if it was painted "in the "spirit of miniature". This certainly was done in that spirit, meeting with all the other requirements. As a member of the Association of Miniature Artists, (AMA), I want to be sure that I am upholding their standards. I don't know if The Fells Point Gallery will notify the artist if their work has been juried in or not. I do hope this work will be accepted though.

The Art Gallery at Fells Point, 26th Annual North American Miniature Art Exhibition, 1716 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD. Show opens September 29th through October 31st. Phone: 410.327.1272. Judge for the show, Margaret Graham Kranking

**For example, the average size of the human head is 9 inches. At one sixth actual size, the head would be 9/6 inches = 1 ½ inches. Subjects too small to portray at one sixth scale may still meet the spirit of a miniature if the work meets the other criteria for a miniature.

AMA Guidelines: While the AMA recognizes and encourages individuality, experimentation and future changes in the miniature art movement the AMA exists to provide a common ground among members especially in the context of defining their work to the public. As a member of the AMA you choose to agree with the following statements:

1. Given the historical foundation of traditional miniature art, I will strive to understand it better for the promotion, preservation and advancement of the art form.

2. Given the perplex multiple definitions of the term Miniature today, I choose to adhere to the following tenets to describe and distinguish traditional miniature work and when possible, will adhere to them in creating, displaying, and marketing artwork as a ‘miniature’:

*•Minute in scale vs. life sized. For practicality following the general 1/6th scale for my work sent to formal miniature exhibitions and shows.

•Delicate and painstaking technique that withstands magnification.

•Small in format and size. 25 inches or less for surface area. Sculpture should fit inside an 8″x8″x8″ cube including the base.

•High in quality. The work should exemplify Fine Art ~ demonstrating a mastery of composition, color, values etc.

3. Given my concern for the future of the miniature art form I will do my best to educate artists and the public about the historical and current miniature art movement, contribute work to the exhibitions and volunteer when possible with the existing societies, shows and online forums as interaction with fellow artists is key to better understanding and continued advancement of the genre. My membership in the AMA will continue as long as I work in the miniature art genre and adhere with the statements and tenets.


DEB said...

Barbara, these are wonderful! I entered the same show, but I'm still learning the miniature art world. I thank you for sharing all the information for those of us who are new to this wonderful art form! (I've decided it's THE best art for those of us who are Type A overachievers - tedius, detailed, orderly, full of rules!)

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Ha Deb, you are so right! I had to laugh out loud when I read what you said! I love the details, it's the icing on the cake. That to me is the meditative part. Not that I don't like the loose dreamy work, I just don't want to do it.

Good luck at the Fells Point Show. Do you live near enough to go see it?

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

It must be frustrating Barbara, to work within the 1/6th rule and it would be such a shame if this beautiful artwork is left out. All the best with the exhibition Barbara!!

AutumnLeaves said...

Another Type A checking in...I have to say that the first two paintings are exquisite! I love the flowers too, but the first two are just...I don't know...they just sing to my heart. Good luck to you, and to Deb, in the show!!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Karen and thank you. Actually this is the first time I've had to deal with the 1/6th rule since most of my work is landscape or larger animals. So it will be interesting to see what happens. I guess it wasn't until after I completed it that I realized that it could be a scale issue. I have seen single flowers with insects in other shows, and small birds as well. So I think it just depends on the judge.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks you so much Autumn Leaves. And thanks for the feedback. It's always interesting to see how viewers react to one's work and which works over others are preferred.

DEB said...

I mailed my pieces to Fells Point. I live in Northern VA, so Baltimore is about 2 hrs. away (depending on traffic which can be awful), but I've actually never been there. My husband and I plan to go in Nov. and spend the night there. When we do, I am going to visit the gallery, but I won't be able to get up there during the show. I'll be dropping my art off in Boyce, VA tomorrow, about 1 1/2 hrs. away, and I'm planning on dragging the kids to the Holy Cross Monastery while we are out there. Hoping to get some beautiful landscape photos.

DEB said...

Okay - I take that back...Cliff just came home and told me he was able to get Oct. 30th off, and he booked us in a hotel in Baltimore for that night, so I WILL get to see the Fells Point show! How cool it will be to see your paintings in person, Barbara!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Deb, that's great news! It looks like a really nice gallery, and a great area too! You can give us a first hand review of the show. Sounds like you have fun trip planned. Enjoy!

pinkchickenmosaics said...

We've talked about scale before and it's something I just can't quite wrap my head around. Especially when the subject is as small as a bee inside a flower. It would be impossible to do that at 1/6th scale so it's like you have to enlarge it to capture the detail like in macro photography. That should be "in the spirit of" miniature then like you say, right?

And I know you're not fond of doing foliage but you do it very well! The grass in All Washed UP is just great. Old boats, like old barns, are a lot of fun. They have a lot of texture and color to them adding to their charm.

But I have to say I really like the petals in "Rhodie" With Bee because you've really shown how delicate and light they are.