Sunday, May 17, 2009

17th Annual Parklane Gallery Miniature Show

I went to the Miniature Art Exhibit at the Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA last night. This is my third year in this exhibit. There were over 370 entries from all over the US and 3 foreign countries. I'm happy to say five of them were mine!

The artists' reception was crowded, there were a lot of people out and about due to the rare beautiful day. I ran into fellow artist and friend Janie Olsen and husband, Bill, and also Lynn Coyle and her husband Ron. This was Janie's first miniature show. Unfortunately, due to her frames being a bit larger than allowed, her work was placed on the "Small Paintings" wall. That is still better than having your work sitting in the dark in the back. I think it's great that they have a place for work that was worth being in the show, but due to an over sized frame, rejected as a miniature. She was not alone, Richard William Haynes who won 1st Place on one work, also had another wonderful work on the "Small Paintings" wall due to a larger frame. The show overall was wonderful to see in person. I am amazed at not only the detail, but the creative use of light and strong compositions of the works. I have to say I was not very impressed with several of the "awards" given. The juror, Elizabeth Kincaid gave her reasons for her choices, however, IMHO (in my humble opinion) there were far better other works that would have fit her criteria. As artists, I suppose we are not often happy with the juror's choices. She did say it was difficult and not enough awards to go around and I do agree with that! Haynes' first place winner, Fleeting Time should have taken Best of Show instead of the work that did. Of the awards, one oil, one acrylic, one colored pencil, one pastel, one gouache, 8 watercolor. The show will be up through May 31st. The show can also be viewed online for the first time here: Parklane Gallery Miniatures Online


Mona said...

Barbara, thanks so much for posting these pictures, links, and info. on the Parklane show!! Your five entries are wonderful. I wish I had been aware of this show, and will try submitting some entries of my own next year.

It is so valuable for the entrants, too, that the entire show is posting online, and a great joy to be able to see it!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks Mona. Yes, I agree that seeing them online is an added bonus. Since most of the mini shows are not where we all live, it's nice to also get feedback in photos and words from those who do go to the shows. My plan will be to post when shows I'm entering put their prospectus on line. It would be wonderful to see your work in person! : )

Carol Andre' said...

Thanks so much Barbara for posting these. It's so fun (and informative as well) to get to see these shows from "afar" at least! Really appreciate it. Hoping I can participate in this show next year.

Mona said...

Great idea about the prospectuses Barbara. I'll try to do that on my blog too for however it can help others.