Monday, March 12, 2012

New Feline Fine Art Miniatures

With so many show deadlines fast approaching, I've been in my studio painting away, focusing on  creating new miniature works.  My two new miniature feline paintings are both done in acrylic on Strathmore 500 series Illustration Board.  They are my first cat paintings and I loved painting them, especially their eyes!  These two boys are brothers, (Sid top - Sam bottom) and share space with my Mom and Dad in Florida.  On my visit there last year, I did my best to try and photograph them.  I have to say photographing them was like trying to photograph a moving target.  Get out my camera and they were gone! Sis did like to show off after a while, but Sam was shy and liked to hide under things.  It was really fun to paint them.

Afghan Kitty © Barbara A. Freeman, M.A.A.
Acrylic on Illustration Board  2" x 2 "

More Salmon, Please © Barbara A. Freeman, M.A.A.
Acrylic on Illustration Board  2" x 2 "

I have two more miniature paintings finished that need to be varnished before I unveil them.  In addition, I'm hoping to finish two more.  Because of the all the detail and fine tuning, these miniatures take a lot of time! Unfortunately, I may not have as many miniatures for the spring/summer shows this year as in the past.  The rest of March and April will be very busy so I may not be blogging as often as I would like.  Much of my time beside creating new miniatures will be taken up with framing, doing paperwork for entering shows, etc.  There is also a family visit scheduled that will include some travel time.  I do hope you will check back to see my new work.  I'll be posting about the spring shows that my work will be in as soon as I know.  As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by.  I hope you have a great spring!


Wes and Rachelle Siegrist said...

Hope you find more time to paint Barbara! It took me 2 1/2 days to do all the paperwork and ready our paintings for the shows and another day to box everything up. It's nuts that we end up doing so much "office work" vs. easel time. Love the kitties!

Karen Hull Art said...

Oh Wow - I don't believe I have seen a kitty painting of yours before Barbara and these are both stunning and also both with that signature blue that always seems to feature in so many of your artworks. Love them!!! :)

Mona said...

Nice work Barbara! Perhaps you could enter these in the new 'cats' category that will be included in the next MASF show.

Wendy Mould said...

Great Pictures and good luck with the shows. I know those little guys can take a ton of time but they are great when they are done.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments and support. Sorry, I meant to comment sooner, but was gone for a family visit and just returned. I may be making more frequent visits as my in-laws are getting more frail. It's a sad and difficult situation. It's my work that keeps me grounded, that and your support! Thanks again!