Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Pets on Parade - Schack Art Center

Two of my miniature paintings will be in the Pets on Parade show at the Schack Art Center in downtown Everett!  This is the first time I've participated in the Pets on Parade Show and from what I've heard it's always a fun time, with well behaved pets attending!  Also during the exhibit, food and pet accessories will be collected to benefit N.O.A.H and the Everett Animal Shelter.  How cool is that!

My two pet works are Afghan Kitty and Gaze into My Eyes, both Fine Art Miniatures.  I also have other animal work in the show, several more miniatures and a small work, so many other animals are represented that are not pets.  There are over forty artists included in this mixed media show! It will be a real treat!

Pets on Parade - Main Gallery
March 7th to April 13th
Opening reception: March 7, 5 - 8pm
The Schack Art Center
2921 Hoyt Ave., Everett, WA(map)

Afghan Kitty © Barbara A. Freeman M.A.A.
Acrylic on Illustration Board 2" x 2 "

Gaze Into My Eyes  © Barbara A. Freeman, M.A.A.
Acrylic on Illustration Board 2" x 2 "

These two brothers are my Mom's cats, Sid (top) and Sam (bottom).  My Mom and Dad lived in Florida and have had them since they were small kittens.  A year after my Dad passed, my Mom agreed to come out to Washington to live, but needed to bring her boys along.  Wayne and I discussed the hows and what it might mean to travel with two senior house cats and my Mom across country.  After discussing several ideas, we ended up buying a Ford Flex which seemed the roomiest to fit all five of us with all our stuff.  We only had time for a few practice runs with the boys to get them used to the idea of a car ride in a cage that didn't end up at the vet!  In the end, though, the trip turned out to be an adventure full of surprises for all of us.  From putting them in a large cage carrier that we had to carry into our hotel room every night, them wearing a harness for the first time and strange new rooms to explore, they actually were good traveling companions!  We were all surprised!  They are now living in their new home here in Everett and seem to enjoy watching the birds out the window and seeing snow for the first time!  Now that they are closer, perhaps I'll have to get them to pose for more paintings!

 Sid (right) first time with a harness and leash.  Stretch break in Richmond Hill, GA

 Sam thinking about a nap and Sid in back wondering if we are there yet!  The large sized cage had a second perch, blue pillow.  They sometimes went up to the second level, but mostly they stayed close to each other.  We carried this cage with the cats inside down hallways and even up a few stairs each morning and evening to and from our hotel rooms.  We had disposable litter boxes and water and food bowls handy and of course treats.  We were there to serve!

 Sam (left) first time in a harness and leash.  Boys are doing great!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Pets on Parade show with all the wonderful work from over forty artists exhibiting photography, oils, acrylics, ceramics, prints, recycled sculpture, and much more in celebration of the pets they love!

In addition, upstairs in the Mezzanine Gallery will be the Celebration of my friend, Janie Olsen,  2019 Artists of the Year with her show, Animal Kingdom! It will be fantastic to see all of Janie's magical animals in their enchanting environments! If you love animals, this is a MUST SEE SHOW! Upstairs and down, don't miss it!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my work.  Remember to support your local artist!